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imageThe folks over at are at it again.  This time, they have accumulated over $1,200 worth of kidmin resources and are offering it at a price of only $97.   But, you only have until Noon on Thursday, March 24th to place your offer.  Here is what is included in the package:

  • 1-year subscription to K-Magazine
  • High-Voltage Kids Curriculum
  • High-Voltage Collection
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So you’ve signed on to be a small group leader in children’s ministry. You’ve met with your director and know the expectations and basics for service on Sunday. They’ve shared the vision for the ministry and what the lesson will be for the series coming up. You  have your t-shirt and are ready to serve next weekend.

Then it hits you…the kids might ask you questions…questions you might not know the answers to!

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Here’s some great Volunteer articles I’ve stumbled across over the last month.  Pass them onto your Team!

8 Discipline Tools You Already Have

3 Things Every Children’s Ministry Needs to Do Well

Got a Great Ministry Story?  Submit it here and win some Chick-Fil-A!

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Orange Tour Webcast

Jared Massey —  February 8, 2011

It seems like more and more kidmin conferences are reaching out to a wider audience by offering their conference, either in part or in whole, online and for free.  This is especially good for volunteers who typically do not attend conferences, but hear about things second hand from their pastor or possibly not at all.

The Orange group, the ones who marketed the Orange philosophy,  have many resources available for equipping those who work with children.  One of those resources is the Orange Tour, a traveling mini conference.  Next Tuesday, February 15, they will be making some of the best sessions of the Orange Tour available as a webcast, for free.  You can view the full info and sign up here  I am including the schedule and speaker bios below. Continue Reading…

Last Thursday, we did our second Kidmin Volunteer Radio show and talked about volunteer resources.  There were so many that the show actually ran 20 minutes long and we still didn’t get to everything.  Here are the resources mentioned in the show with links where appropriate (I will add links as time permits, but I wanted to get the list out as soon as possible).  How about you?  What resources would you add to this list?  Do you have any comments on the resources included?  Let’s keep this conversation going!

Books About Children

  • Come Ye Children, Charles Spurgeon

Books About Children’s Ministry

  • Collaborate Family + Church, Michael Chanley plus 35
  • What Matter’s Now in Children’s Ministry
  • Think Orange, Reggie Joiner
  • Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School, Aaron Reynolds
  • Shift, What It Takes To Finally Reach Families Today, Brian Haynes
  • Transforming Children in Spiritual Champions, George Barna
  • Turbo Charged, Dale Hudson & Scott Werner
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There’s a new conference in town and I am very excited about it. Group is hosting a children’s ministry conference October 7-10, 2011 in Chicago. There are many speakers such as Jim Wideman, Greg Baird, and Dale Hudson to name a few. You can find the complete listing of speakers here:

I would have to say what excites me most about this conference is the Connect Groups. This is an opportunity where people in similar ministries can get together and chat, exchange ideas, and get to know each other in a small group type of setting. There are 20 different Connect Groups listed so there is something for everyone. You can find the complete listing of Connect Groups here:

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Really Big Kidmin Sale

Jared Massey —  January 19, 2011

There are only a few hours left in one of the biggest kidmin sales of all time and you do not want to be left behind when it is over.  Until Thursday at noon EST, you can purchase $1,112 worth of kids’ ministry material for only $97.  In order to view the full list of materials you would receive, please visit  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime sale for those in children’s ministry.

No matter where you do ministry, one of the most common struggles is purchasing quality resources at a decent price.  (Naturally, it takes more money to produce higher quality resources).  This is especially true for those who volunteer and often bankroll much of the kids’ ministry out of personal funds.  Well, this deal helps soften some of that by providing a wide range of resources, all high quality, for a ridiculously low price.

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Children’s Bible Project

Doug Olson —  January 17, 2011

I have been challenged several times to do a research project with all the different versions and varieties of Children’s Bibles. This project excites me because I have found such a wide difference in the way people think about how kids learn and study the Word. Knowing that some of those differences have to do with age level of the target audience is definitely a key factor in this research.

In order to get started I would like some help. If you could tell me the Children’s Bible you currently use and ones that you think are the best it would really help me get my feet dug into this project. As time goes on and the ball gets rolling I will need more help but for now this would be huge.

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Recently we’ve been focused on volunteers and within the last few weeks a new resource was made available entitled Rock Solid Volunteers. Here is the description from Amazon:

Larry Fowler, Director of Program and Training for Awana Clubs International, believes that there are seven biblical principles, drawn from the book of Nehemiah, that will help pastors and leaders more effectively motivate and manage volunteers. Rock-Solid Volunteers looks at the obstacles Nehemiah and his volunteer workers faced – fatigue, weakness, loss of vision, peer pressure and opposition, just for starters!—and examines the seven steps Nehemiah took to lead his volunteers to success. Pastors and ministry leaders will be equipped to attract, inspire and keep talented, committed volunteers, no matter the challenge!

Larry begins each chapter giving the account from Uzziel’s view. A goldsmith during the days of Nehemiah who helped rebuild the wall. While this account is not recorded in the Bible, Larry uses this to show how the workers of the day must have felt and how the volunteers we serve with today feel in service. Then throughout the chapter, Larry conveys practical ideas from Nehemiah (yes, Biblical principles!) to use to gain and maintain volunteers. Larry pulls from his own personal experiences in ministry and taps into what others in children’s ministry are doing today. At the end of each chapter, Larry also provides questions to think and talk about, helping you personalize it and develop an action plan for you and your ministry.

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VolunteeringAroundTheInternetI just finished up another Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol earlier this week on Dad in the Middle, so it seemed like a good time for another installment of Volunteering Around the Internet with some of the best volunteering related posts from the last several months.

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