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Ok, below are my notes from this great session with Jim Wideman. Say tuned as I post my notes throughout the day.  Also check back tonight as I post a recap from the entire day.

How To: Staff For Growth

I’d love to here your thoughts on these notes.

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With the news of the past week it is impossible to not have our hearts grieve for children who have been harmed at the hands of an adult they should have been able to trust. When news like this hits the airwaves, it leaves parents understandably shaken and in need of assurance they can trust the adults who have access to their children. So what can you do to help parents know their children are safe with you? Consider the following . . .

  • Transparency. Share your written child safety policy with the parents of the children in your church and community. This is an excellent opportunity to mail a copy of your safety policy to each family in your ministry and schedule a time for parents to sit down with you to walk through your policy and how you implement it. Invite parents to visit their children’s classes and be sure they know their child’s teachers.
  • Collaborate. Along this note, schedule a time for your volunteers to sit down with the parents. Give the volunteers the opportunity to share why they serve and provide time for parents and volunteers to pray together for the children. Help parents and volunteers come together as a team to disciple their children!
  • Vigilance. Pay attention. Watch. Have a plan for safety in all areas of your ministry and stick to it like glue.
  • Prayer. Make the safety of the children an issue which is at, and which remains at, the top of your prayer list.

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It happened again! You have a children’s ministry activity planned and someone else is using the room, the equipment, or whatever, hindering your planned event. You get so frustrated and want to scream!

I’m sure that has never happened to you 🙂

It happened to me last night. We entered the church to find someone painting part of the set for the Easter production in the gym where we hold game time for Awana. When asked if they could be moved, the answer was, “they’ll have to work around it.” Not only was the space being used an issue, but the fumes from the paint were permeating the building and the classrooms adjacent to the gym which are used for Awana and youth.

I now have a snap decision to make. How do I handle this situation? Awana is a planned weekly event and it is known that the gym is a key part of the night. Plus the fumes, how do I accommodate the rooms impacted by the fumes? Do I pull out the righteous indignation and demand they relocate the props and paint elsewhere? Here is how I handled the scenario:

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Recently, I sat in staff meeting, and we looked back at the year and what God has done in our church. If you are anything like me, then this year has flown by really quickly. With the year moving so fast it is really difficult to take in everything. As we approach a new year, now is the perfect time to look back. So, take some time in the next few days to look back and remind yourself of what God has done through you this past year. I would even recommend that you write these things down, spend some time looking over them, and then file them away. This could be a really cool thing to pull out each year, review, and then add to.

I know that this may be kind of obvious, but now is also the time to look forward into the new year.  Look at what you have accomplished this year, and look at what worked and what didn’t. Look at the things that were really great and remember the things that really bombed. Then, look at how you can duplicate the good, and improve on or replace the bad. Pray over your list from this year and then set some goals for the new year.

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