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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for the past couple weeks I’ve been posting about some of the things I’m thankful for . . . God’s Grace, my family and today I want to share another thing I’m thankful for . . .  God’s Word! Stop and think about it for a minute. God loved us enough to give us His Word so we can know Him and love Him back! This is beyond amazing!

Last week Wayne Stocks shared one of his favorite verses . . . Deuteronomy 29:29
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Winter is coming. The temperatures are getting colder. Many children have outgrown their coats and sweaters from last year. What to do with those coats?

Why not have a coat-drive and collect new or gently used coats and sweaters and blankets for children and families who need them? There are many children who do not have a nice coat or a coat that is warm enough for the winter months.

A coat drive is great mission project for young children. They can take  leadership roles to collect the coats and sort them out in the collection boxes. They will feel like they are making a difference in the lives of other children and sharing Jesus’ love.

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No-cook Applesauce Recipe

Brenna Phillips —  November 3, 2011

This is a great activity and recipe for young children and makes a great snack time treat. It is all-natural applesauce with no preservatives. A healthy snack.

Peel and slice apples and toss in a food processor or appliance to blend and chop them. We used 2 large Granny Smith apples and 4-6 red apples. The students brought apples in to share with the class.

Add 1/2 cup of water

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Want to make Christmas 2011 even better than this year?  Here’s 3 things to get now that will be great to have then:

1. A buddy: but not the elf

Everyone needs a buddy, someone who can lend an ear when we are hurt, disappointed, stressed or even angry. Someone who can hear our hurts and disappointments and not be shaken by them.  Everyone needs someone to confide in. And not just for Christmas, but the busy season around the holidays is full of opportunities for stress and differing opinions.   The best “buddy” is someone outside your family and outside your church. That way, if your disappointments or stress is caused by someone else on your ministry staff, you will be able to share your perspective with an objective ear, without causing anyone to feel like they are taking sides. Of course, in the perfect world, there would never be a differing opinion within churches.  Or the differences would be prayed over, agreed upon, and celebrated in a glorious staff meeting that Gabriel himself could preside over.  Again, that’s not the world most of us live and serve in. Hurts may come. They probably will.  But the Bible has an answer for that.  Paul encouraged the Galatians to “carry one another’s burdens.”(Gal 6:2)  A real buddy will listen to your side, give an honest assesment of the situation and pray for you. Get a buddy!

2. A list of Christmas ideas for next year

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A Resource Closet for Free

Tammy Jones —  December 27, 2010

Any Children’s Ministry, large or small, needs a Resource Closet. This is the place that volunteers go to find craft materials, curriculum, puppets, items for object lessons, etc. Basically this is where anything and everything is stored that could possibly be needed by anyone and everyone working with kids. Here are a few tips to help you set up a Resource Closet at no cost. (Yes, I said free.)

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