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The end of June marked the end of my first year as leader of a bi-weekly team at Kids’ Zone, my church’s Sunday morning children’s program. It was my first experience in leading volunteers, and I had my doubts about my ability to handle this new challenge. After the first few weeks, I realized a few things. The first was that I was not the only one with doubts – my team also felt unsure about their abilities. The second was that their doubts were partly my fault. In my excitement over my new “job,” my efforts to “prove” myself, and my unfamiliarity with the people on my team, I’d started out by doing it all pretty much on my own. I ran games, led worship, taught the lesson, set up and cleaned up by myself. I’d done nothing to build up my team’s confidence or abilities, but let them believe that I was the only one who could minister to the kids. Big mistake.

So, I decided to change how we did things. We met together for lunch after church one Sunday and talked about a plan for the next series. We talked about what everyone enjoyed doing, hated doing, could do and couldn’t do. We brainstormed our activities, stories and games and divided up the responsibilities. What a difference this made! Over the rest of the year, I watched everyone become more confident in their role and abilities. Ministry to the kids began to flourish.

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