What is Kidmin1124?

Kidmin1124.com is a sight dedicated to those who volunteer in, work bi-vocationally or part-time in, or give their time to children’s ministry (frequently known as kidmin).  There are hundreds and thousands of volunteers who work in kidmin each and every week who are passionate about sharing God and His Word with children, bringing children into the kingdom of God, and coming alongside parents in the spiritual instruction and nurturing of their kids.

The perceived users of this site include:

  • Those who do not work in a full-time vocational ministry who have an undiluted passion for sharing Jesus with kids.
  • Those  who are in full-time ministry to children but who split their time between kidmin and other ministry endeavors.
  • Those who do work in a full-time vocational children’s ministry capacity who are interested in providing resources and encouragement to kidmin volunteers.

While we welcome all visitors, this site is intended primarily for those people.  In other words, this site is intended for volunteer and bi-vocational children’s ministers and those who love them!

Who writes for Kidmin1124?

The short answer to that question is, we hope, a lot of different people.  Kidmin1124 is a group blogging project for bi-vocational and volunteer children’s ministry workers.  Currently, we have 15 regularly contributing authors from a variety of background and in a variety of positions. Our sincere hope is that this blog will become much more of an area for discussion than just a platform for publishing articles.  To that end, we hope that even if you don’t wish to contribute articles to the blog that you will engage in the conversation by commenting on articles.  For a complete listing of authors currently committed to contributing articles to the site, please see our Author page.

If you are interested in writing for the site, either in a recurring capacity or as a guest poster, please contact Wayne Stocks at wayne@kidmin1124.com.  The more people who contribute to this site, the better it will be for everyone.

Who started Kidmin1124?

Kidmin1124 started as an idea of Wayne Stocks.  Based on a hunch that there were others like himself who felt torn between his “day job” and his passion for children’s ministry, Wayne started a facebook page for children’s ministry volunteers and bi-vocational children’s ministers.  Based on the success of that page, and discussions with others, they decided that a blog such as Kidmin1124 would be a benefit to the kidmin community in general and to volunteers and bi-vocational ministers in particular.  This original core group include Wayne Stocks, Jared Massey, Wendy Douglas and Bill Gunter.  That group has sense expanded to include several more volunteer and bi-vocational children’s ministers who bring a diverse set of experiences and ideas to the community.

What’s up with the funny name?

The name of this site is based on Proverbs 11:24 which says:

“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.”

As volunteers and bi-vocational ministers, we give freely to God’s children, and we find that we are immeasurably blessed through that work far beyond whatever we give.  Even those who are in full-time vocational positions recognize that the time devoted to children’s ministry far exceeds even other ministries.  That is what this site is all about.  We aspire to give back to those who give so freely to God’s kids.

How does Kidmin1124 work?  What is the Vision?

We hope that this site, through the collective efforts of its authors and contributors, will give back to the kidmin community in general and to volunteers and bi-vocational children’s ministers in particular.  Our vision is to become a premier site for finding information related to and relevant to the target audience.  We hope to edify, instruct, teach, share and commiserate on issues important to those who work in children’s ministry and particularly issues relevant to volunteers and volunteering.  Ultimately though, as with all we do, are goal is to bring glory to God and assist in any way we can in reaching kids with the Gospel the Christ.

How Can I Help?

There are number of different ways in which you, regardless of who you are or your position in children’s ministry, can be of assistance to Kidmin1124.  If you have found this site useful or wish to contribute to its success we encourage you to get involved by:

  • Becoming a regular contributor to the site by authoring articles to be published on the site.
  • Posting a guest-post to the site.
  • Engaging in conversation about articles by posting and responding to comments on each article.
  • Promoting Kidmin1124.  Tell your friends, acquaintances, and church community about it and help us to spread the word.

How Do I Get Involved with Kidmin1124?

There are a number of additional ways to interact with the Kidmin1124.com community.  You can:

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